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Private Lessons (Age 6 to 100!)

Private Lessons for Music, Art, & Acting  $155/month (30 min weekly)

Private Dance Lessons $100/month (30 min weekly)

Group Dance Classes $45/month (1 hour weekly)


Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are a great way to introduce music to one's life and the piano is a great instrument to start learning music as a good foundation. We teach beginners to intermediate and beyond. 

Voice Lessons

With proper singing technique in place, we can then work on improving pitch, sound, and overall confidence. We can work with all genres! We also specialize in artist development. 


Guitar Lessons

We offer lessons for Acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. We also offer ukulele lessons too! 


Drum/Percussion Lessons

Drum and percussion lessons are available. If you are looking to learn to play with a band or school marching band, we can help you develop the proper skills.

Violin Lessons

Violin lessons are available and the violin is a great instrument to start with. We will teach reading music and proper violin technique. 


Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting lessons are a great way to learn more about the craft of writing and composing music as well as opportunities to perform original music at showcases. Be on the lookout for our Artist and Band development program coming in 2024!!


Art Lessons

Art lessons are a great way to develop creativity and hone those skills as an artist. From sketching to shading and painting. Many techniques are available to learn.

Acting Lessons

Need help preparing for an audition or a specific role? We can help with all the details and work on developing those skills to help you grow and gain confidence.


Dance Lessons

Beginner dance private lessons are available for tap, jazz, ballet, & hip hop! $100/month

Group classes coming soon!!

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